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Peace Of Mind While Trading Bitcoin

Stop losing money on Bitcoin's volatile swings. Subscribe to live tested, realtime Bitcoin alerts, know when to sell and start making money!


How It Works

01. Realtime Alerts

We provide realtime Bitcoin Alerts on our members only Discord server and automate your trading using webhook technology. You can even connect text messages and multiple exchanges to our signals. Choose your investing package and get alerts delivered to Discord or connect your exchange.

02. Automation

Getting signals is great, but it leaves you with the decision and physcology of trading alone. In a market that operates 24/7, it's almost impossible not to sleep and make good decisions every time a signal fires. This is why we offer this powerful algorithmic trade practice and automate buying / selling.

03. Support

Not everyone knows how to make technical analysis, use algorithms and automate trading.  That's why we have simplified this process down to a tweet, but there are still things to do if you want to connect our signals to your exchange. We'll guide you on every step. 


Trade 24/7
While You Sleep

Protect your Bitcoin investment with our realtime alerts and fully automate your trading.  No more sleepless nights, black swans, rug pulls, whale pump & dumps or getting sidelined. 



The Indicator

TOTT is an new algorithm built by

Anıl Özekşi, legendary trader and creator of decade old MOST, which is the predecessor of TOTT. Published free by top 20 pine wizard

Kıvanç Özbilgiç on Tradingview, in June 28 2020. They are the real heroes of trading community.

The Service

TOTT is free and great but only if you know how to optimize it's  parameters. We charge for running this value added service, not for the algorithm, but for the optimized delivery. We are backtesting and live testing TOTT algorithm seperately for buy and sell signals.


We use Tradingview server side alerts for realtime signals and publish on Discord along with webhooks connected to your exchange, text messages or any other bot that supports webhook technology. We use zapier to create endless ways of sending signals.

About Me

I created a service, i wish existed when i started investing in Bitcoin back in May 2020 when i lost my job with Covid. Nothing feels worse when you make an investment and start loosing, especially with Bitcoin. I even got scammed by a ponzi scheme in search for such service and decided to take control.


I created BitcoinMillio18 in March 2021 with a goal of making a million dollars trading Bitcoin and started learning technical analysis and wyckoff along with algorithmic trading. I publish my technical analysis on tradingview, but most of the time TOTT algorithm has guided my trading.


After hundreds of backtesting and months of live testing, my TOTT optimization has matured to a level that i can trust with my life savings and finally sleep like a baby at nights. I'm sharing the exact signals i'm using on this website and have written consent from the creators of TOTT, while i have no affiliation with them. 

I wish everyone financial freedom.


Start trading Bitcoin with
TOTT Signals today

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