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Short Term Swing Trades

For the impatient, our algorithm has separately optimized (live tested) buy & sell signals that runs on a 1 minute Bitcoin chart, but that doesn't mean we trade every minute. It means we follow Bitcoin every minute and evaluate price action 24/7.

Here are the list of short term signals that called the top and a possible bottom.

You are looking at over 120 days of data and this might not look significant, but on a 1 minute chart, this means 172.800 minutes (bars) of data, 60% net profit with only 4 trades!

TLDR: 60% net profit in 4 months, in a bear market.

Short Term List of Trades

Long Term HODL / SODL

HODL'ing is not a strategy without SODL'ing! You need to know when to enter or exit the market and take your profits. Our Long term strategy generated only 8 trades in 3.5 years and made 3.586% total gains against 588% buy & hold performance!


That's 6x of HODL performance! But you have to be incredibly patient. We're talking 3.5 years here!


In other words your $1.000 turned $35.860 during this period.

Long Term
Performance Summary

Long Term List of Trades

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